Women and Girls on the Autism Spectrum

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Understanding Life Experiences from Early Childhood to Old Age

This book focuses on the experiences of autistic women throughout the entirety of their lives, intertwined with personal stories and specific health and wellbeing issues.

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The impact of being female on the diagnosis, life, and experiences of an autistic person is incredibly significant. In this expanded second edition, Sarah Hendrickx combines the latest research with personal stories from girls and women on the autism spectrum to provide a detailed look into their feelings, thoughts, and experiences at different stages of their lives.

Hendrickx discusses how being autistic can affect women and girls throughout their lives, covering areas such as diagnosis, childhood, education, friendships, and more. This edition also includes new information on masking, diagnosis in adulthood, and a focus on trans and non-binary perspectives.

Additionally, the book delves into specific health and wellbeing issues like menopause, PCOS, and autistic burnout, providing valuable insights for professionals and guidance for autistic women to better understand their own experiences. This is a great resource for anyone looking to learn more about autism in the context of being female.

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Kategorie: Neurodivergentní ženy
Autor: Sarah Hendrickx, Jess Hendrickx
Jazyk: anglicky
Literární žánr: naučná literatura
Nakladatel: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Rok vydání: 2024
Počet stran: 368
EAN: 1805010697
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