We Do What We Do In The Dark

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A sapphic age-gap love affair in college. Explore the love and the dynamics of influence, infatuation, and admiration.

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Mallory first notices the woman at her college gym and is immediately captivated. As someone who tends to be a bit reserved and is currently grieving the loss of her mother, Mallory finds herself drawn to the woman's confidence and wishes to get to know her better. Despite learning that she is a professor at the college, Mallory soon finds herself in a complicated love affair with the woman, the implications of which she doesn't fully grasp.

As time goes on, Mallory must navigate how the relationship has shaped her, both positively and negatively, and figure out how to re-engage with the world that she put on hold for a woman she never truly understood.

In this captivating debut novel, the intricate dynamics of influence, infatuation, and admiration are explored, illustrating how desires and their aftermath can change the course of a life.

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Kategorie: Lesba
Autor: Michelle Hart
Jazyk: anglicky
Literární žánr: beletrie
Nakladatel: Headline
Rok vydání: 2023
Počet stran: 224
EAN: 9781472296450

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