The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde (Dyslexia-friendly)

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Introducing a dyslexia-friendly, unabridged edition of Robert Louis Stevenson’s beloved classic, designed for all readers to enjoy. This special edition features Barrington Stoke’s unique font, extra spacing, and tinted paper for ease of reading.

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Within the confines of Victorian society, a dark and mysterious figure known as Mr Hyde roams the streets at night, committing gruesome crimes. A lawyer and a doctor team up to unravel the mystery, only to discover that Mr Hyde is actually a friend of their esteemed colleague, Dr Henry Jekyll. Dr Jekyll, unwilling to face the truth, retreats into his laboratory as violence escalates and the body count rises. Eventually, he must confront the chaos he has unleashed.

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Kategorie: DYS – specifické poruchy učení
Autor: R.L. Stevenson
Jazyk: anglicky
Literární žánr: beletrie
Nakladatel: Barrington Stoke
Rok vydání: 2017
Počet stran: 184
EAN: 9781781127407

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