The Inverts

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A historical story from the roaring 20s, about a gay and a lesbian best friend, lavender marriage, exploring identities and much more.

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1921: a boy, a girl, a moonlit midnight kiss.
A terrible, repulsive kiss.

Bettina and Bart, lifelong best friends, seemed destined to end up together. She's young, wealthy, and headstrong, while he's young, rich, and charismatic. However, there's a twist they're both gay. The doubts about their true identities are put to rest after that disastrous kiss, a steamy encounter in the school boiler rooms for Bettina, and an eye-opening trip to Paris for Bart.

With society unwilling to accept their love, they decide to enter into a 'lavender marriage' and continue their forbidden romance in secret. As they navigate the roaring '20s and tumultuous '30s filled with cigarettes, champagne, and clandestine affairs, Bart and Bettina have no idea that their journey through Hollywood, Egypt, Paris, and London will ultimately lead them towards tragedy and bloodshed.

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Kategorie: LGBTQIA+
Autor: Crystal Jeans
Jazyk: anglicky
Literární žánr: beletrie
Nakladatel: HarperCollins Publishers
Rok vydání: 2022
Počet stran: 374
EAN: 9780008365905

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