The CBT Art Workbook for Managing Anger

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Activity worksheets that follow the structure of cognitive-behavioural therapy and help the readers learn how to better manage their anger.

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With the help of CBT principles, these engaging worksheets are designed to assist people in better understanding and managing their anger and related issues.

The activities in the worksheets are structured in a way that mirrors a typical CBT course. They cover topics such as understanding the nature of anger, connecting thoughts, feelings, behavior, and physical reactions, examining different levels of thinking and beliefs, and setting goals for future progress. The content is presented in a user-friendly manner so that readers can easily grasp the concepts of CBT that will be applied in the worksheets. Readers can choose to complete the activities by writing or drawing, and even have the option to color parts of the pages as they brainstorm ideas.

This resource is suitable for adults participating in either individual or group therapy sessions. It can be utilized independently or in tandem with professional therapy to address anger management concerns.

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