The Autistic Survival Guide to Therapy

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How to approach therapy as an autistic person? What are the warning signs in a therapist? How to establish heaůthy boundaries? How should therapists build more inclusive practices to make autistic people feel safe and heard?

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In this engaging and insightful read, Steph Jones draws on her own experiences as an autistic woman and therapist, as well as input from therapists around the globe and the autistic community, to craft a comprehensive guide to navigating therapy as an autistic individual.

Steph tackles the challenges of therapy practices and ableist attitudes, addressing how we can make therapy more affirming for neurodiverse individuals and create safe spaces for autistic clients. Packed with practical advice on spotting warning signs in therapists and establishing healthy boundaries, this book leaves no question unanswered.

For therapists seeking to build inclusive practices, a detailed guide offers insights on recognizing and addressing autism in therapy sessions. This resource sheds light on how autism may manifest in therapy and helps therapists navigate this terrain effectively.

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Kategorie: PAS - poruchy autistického spektra
Autor: Steph Jones
Jazyk: anglicky
Literární žánr: naučná literatura
Nakladatel: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Rok vydání: 2024
Počet stran: 256
EAN: 9781839977312
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