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An Interactive Guide to the Gender Binary (LGBTQ+, Queer Guide, Diverse Gender, Transgender, Nonbinary)

A practical guide to queerness and gender identities.

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Looking for a friendly guide to learn more about gender identity? Whether you're questioning your own gender, simply curious, or hoping to better understand someone else, this accessible book is for you!

Ever thought deeper about the idea of defining an entire identity based on your anatomy? It's time to step outside the binary box and explore diverse perspectives on gender. With a choose-your-own path style, you'll dive into a variety of scenarios that showcase the rich tapestry of gender identities from around the world and throughout history.

In the book She/He/They/Me, Dr. Robyn Ryle, a professor of sociology and gender studies, delves into gender constructs, expectations, and transitions. From the science and psychology of gender to its philosophical, legal, and societal aspects, this book offers a comprehensive and creative exploration of how gender shapes our world.

Whether you're looking to better understand and support LGBTQ+, nonbinary, and transgender folks or seeking resources for parenting genderqueer kids, this book is a valuable read. Join us on a journey of learning and celebration of diverse identities!

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Kategorie: LGBTQIA+
Autor: Robyn Ryle
Jazyk: anglicky
Literární žánr: naučná literatura
Nakladatel: Sourcebooks
Počet stran: 448
Rok vydání: 2022
EAN: 9781728242736

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