Pride: Omnibus

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Dive into this graphic novel and follow the adventures of some of the greatest queer superheroes!

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In The Pride, FabMan is fed up with the LGBTQ+ community being underestimated and belittled. Determined to make a change, he assembles a team of the world's greatest queer superheroes to fight prejudice, injustice, and the occasional supervillain.

The Pride Adventures is packed with additional stories featuring our heroes taking on all sorts of challenges, from crazed shooters to giant drag queens. With contributions from talented artists and writers like Mike Garley, Sina Grace, and PJ Montgomery, these new adventures will keep you entertained and engaged.

Join the Pride on their mission to change the world and showcase their true capabilities. Get your hands on this must-have omnibus and dive into the world of LGBTQ+ superheroes.

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Kategorie: LGBTQIA+
Autor: Joe Glass
Jazyk: anglicky
Literární žánr: komiks
Nakladatel: Dark Horse Books
Ilustrace: Ryan Cody
Věk: 14+
Rok vydání: 2021
Počet stran: 448
EAN: 9781506724478

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