Poems to Save the World With

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This delightful anthology is full of classic and modern poems that will uplift and inspire you, complemented by beautiful and intricate artwork.

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Curated and illustrated by Chris Riddell, Poems to Save the World With is the perfect companion to Poems to Live Your Life By and Poems to Fall in Love With. It will awaken your inner activist while offering comfort and inspiration. These poems touch on themes of hope, happiness, rebellion, and navigating through challenging times.

This lovely book features a mix of famous poems, both old and new, along with a few surprises. From Neil Gaiman to Lewis Carroll, poets like Nikita Gill, Maggie Smith, Brian Bilston, Raymond Antrobus, and Fiona Benson are included in this ultimate collection.

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Kategorie: Poezie
Autor: Chris Riddell
Jazyk: anglicky
Literární žánr: poezie
Nakladatel: Macmillan
Věk: 12+
Počet stran: 208
Rok vydání: 2023
EAN: 9781529040128

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