Lost in Reverie

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Art & illustration inspired by dreams

Escape the fast-paced modern life with this enchanting book that will pull you into the world of imagination.

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As adults in today's fast-paced world, it can be tough to find time to enjoy the little things in life. With technology and data dominating our daily routines, it's easy to forget about the importance of creativity, imagination, and self-expression. However, by allowing ourselves to embrace the unknown and taking moments to relax and do nothing, we can open ourselves up to new possibilities.

LOST IN REVERIE aims to capture the wonder and enchantment of dreamlike worlds, from the comforting to the slightly unsettling. This book will feature art and illustrations that explore the line between reality and fantasy, offering readers a chance to escape the monotony of everyday life and encouraging them to never stop dreaming.

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Kategorie: Design a umění
Jazyk: anglicky
Literární žánr: umění
Nakladatel: Victionary
Vazba: měkká
Počet stran: 288
Rok vydání: 2021
EAN: 9789887972723

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