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The Hidden Lives of Autistic Women

A beautiful graphic novel delving into the lives of autistic women and girls, a mysterious and still misunderstood area. ‍‍

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Did you know that autism in women and girls is not widely understood? This graphic novel provides an interesting and easy-to-understand look into the lives and minds of autistic women through real-life case studies.

The delightful illustrations take readers on a visual journey, showing how women on the spectrum navigate everyday life from dealing with social situations to maintaining friendships and relationships, all while exploring their special interests.

This resource is not only fun and informative, but also offers valuable insight into how gender influences autism. It provides useful tips on creating safer, more supportive, and accessible environments for women on the spectrum.

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Kategorie: Neurodivergentní ženy
Autor: Sarah Bargiela
Jazyk: anglicky
Literární žánr: komiks
Nakladatel: Jessica Kingsley Publishers
Ilustrace: Sophie Standing
Věk: 11–18
Počet stran: 48
Rok vydání: 2019
EAN: 9781785925665

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