Breaking Character

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A story about two women navigating a complicated world of fame, love, and staying true to themselves.

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Life has turned into a bit of a crazy situation for Elizabeth Thornton, the popular British actress. She stars in a TV medical drama that she can't stand and is now being linked romantically to her new co-star, Summer, thanks to a little mix-up. As someone who keeps her personal life private, this is not ideal for Elizabeth. All she wants is to land her dream movie role and move on. The only issue is that the quirky French director who is offering her the role wants to meet her "girlfriend", Summer, first.

Summer Hayes is heartbroken when her co-star distances herself after rumors start swirling about their relationship. Now, Elizabeth is asking her to pretend to be her girlfriend for the sake of getting a movie role? Summer can't believe it. She doesn't even like Elizabeth! She wishes she could say no, but maybe she's starting to develop feelings for the difficult actress...

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Kategorie: Lesba
Autor: Lee Winter
Jazyk: anglicky
Literární žánr: beletrie
Nakladatel: Ylva Publishing
Rok vydání: 2018
Počet stran: 334
EAN: 9783963241130

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