Art Forms in the Plant World

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Explore the beauty of nature through these captivating photos by Karl Blossfeldt.

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Originally intended as a personal collection for his work as a sculptor and teacher, the stunning nature photos of Karl Blossfeldt (1865–1932) gained widespread recognition in 1928 with the publication of Urformen der Kunst (Archetypes of Art). His work had a significant impact on the development of modern German photography. Unlike the popular soft-focus, impressionistic style of the time, Blossfeldt's approach focused on using direct lighting to highlight form, sharp focus to reveal intricate details and textures, and enlarging the images up to 27 times their actual size to showcase structures that were often overlooked by the naked eye.

Capturing the beauty of leaves, buds, stems, seed pods, tendrils, and twigs from the plant world, Blossfeldt's photographs exude a sense of simplicity and clarity that not only showcases the marvel and scientific wonder of nature, but also highlights the striking similarities between natural and human-made forms. Through his lens, Blossfeldt discovered countless examples of shapes and structures in nature that bear a resemblance to various artistic styles developed by humans, ranging from Gothic to Art Nouveau. His images suggest a connection between man-made art and the creations of nature, demonstrating how both realms reflect and inspire each other.

Blossfeldt's remarkable and historically significant photographs continue to be celebrated and showcased worldwide. Carefully reproduced for this edition, the 120 authentic plates are sure to enchant artists, illustrators, naturalists, philosophers, photographers, and anyone captivated by the sheer beauty, form, and design found in the natural world.

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Kategorie: Rostliny
Autor: Karl Blossfeldt
Jazyk: anglicky
Literární žánr: fotografie
Nakladatel: Dover Publications
Počet stran: 128
Rok vydání: 1986
EAN: 9780486249902

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