After Sappho

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A remarkable, captivating novel about the strength, resilience, humour and determination of woman to challenge societal norms.

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In 1895, amidst the challenges of laundry and bruises, Rina Pierangeli Faccio bravely welcomes the child of the man who harmed her, and whom she was forced to marry. Undeterred, she decides to take control by changing her name and forging a new path for herself.

By 1902, Romaine Brooks sets sail for Capri with little money for even a meal and worn out paintbrushes. Despite her hardships, she is determined to sell a painting and believes that the island holds the key to a fresh start, free from her past struggles.

In 1923, Virginia Woolf expresses her desire to enrich life to its fullest potential.

The captivating novel "After Sappho" shines a light on remarkable women such as Sarah Bernhardt, Colette, Eleanora Duse, Lina Poletti, and Josephine Baker. Through its lush and poetic storytelling, the book celebrates their resilience, humor, and fierce determination to challenge societal norms for women. It offers a glimpse of hope for both our present and future generations.

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Kategorie: Beletrie
Autor: Selby Wynn Schwartz
Jazyk: anglicky
Literární žánr: beletrie
Nakladatel: Galley Beggar Press
Rok vydání: 2023
Počet stran: 288
Vazba: paperback
EAN: 9781913111397

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