A Different Sort of Normal

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A cute, simple comics following the true story of Abigail, who grew up autistic, but only realized when she wasn't entirely a child anymore. In this autobiographic piece she looks back at her life and shares the joyful and the scary, the heartwarming and tough.

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The beautiful true story of one girl's journey growing up autistic - and the challenges she faced in the "normal world".

"Hey there! I'm Abigail, and I'm autistic. But I didn't realize that until I was an adult-sort-of-person.

This is my true story of navigating the "normal" world while not quite fitting in and missing some Very Important Information about myself.

There will be some tough and scary moments with toilets and crowded trains, heartwarming stories with cats and pianos, and some funny memories involving my dad and a mysterious tub of ice cream. And of course, you'll learn some important stuff about autism along the way.

If you've ever felt like you don't quite belong, this book is for you. And hey, I've never really felt like an actual-adult-person, as you'll soon discover in this book…"

Doplňkové parametry

Kategorie: PAS - poruchy autistického spektra
Autor: Abigail Balfe
Jazyk: anglicky
Literární žánr: naučná literatura
Nakladatel: Puffin
Ilustrace: Abigail Balfe
Věk: 9+
Počet stran: 240
Rok vydání: 2021
EAN: 0241508797
Položka byla vyprodána…

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