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How artificial intelligence will change the way we live and love

How will artificial intelligence transform our daily lives and relationships? Dive into the latest eye-opening book from the bestselling author Jeanette Winterson, now with a new chapter!

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Utilizing her extensive experience in contemplating and studying AI, Jeanette Winterson delves into various disciplines such as history, religion, myth, literature, politics, and computer science to shed light on the transformative impact that current technological advancements are having on our lives and relationships.

With a blend of humor, empathy, and inquisitiveness, Winterson explores some of the most captivating aspects of AI including the intriguing concept of preserving one's consciousness, the evolving relationship between humans and artificial beings, and even the possibility of exploring beyond Earth's confines.

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Kategorie: Společnost
Autor: Jeanette Winterson
Jazyk: anglicky
Literární žánr: naučná literatura
Nakladatel: Vintage
Vazba: měkká
Počet stran: 304
Rok vydání: 2022
EAN: 9781529112979

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